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CartoonSmart was the first training website to offer HD video. Seriously. Before YouTube was even founded, we realized screencasts needed to be way bigger than what others were offering. Nothing will replace books in the training spectrum, but sometimes you just want to put your feet up and watch someone else work. Since 2004, our customers haven't had to squint.

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Your Instructors

This bundle is primarily taught by CartoonSmart's resident HTML5 guru, Lawrence Turton, a web and interactive applications developer, 3D designer and artist. Instructors of the bonus courses include Eric Schmidt and Ryan Wale.

HTML5 Basics Tutorials.

An introduction to this amazing technology. Seven Hours. Taught by Lawrence Turton.

Here at CartoonSmart we like to keep things project-based, so you can actually build something while you train. But their comes a time when the best approach to teaching something is to cover it like a book. So with this amazing seven hour course you can sit back and let our instructor Lawrence Turton guide you through all the new features of HTML5 without running the risk of falling asleep and drooling all over another boring training book. Time-stamped index cards for the topics below are included and like all our tutorials, source code is packaged up with the movies.

  • HTML5 Changed / Removed Elements.
  • HTML5 Typography Elements.
  • New HTML Page Structure Elements.
  • New HTML5 Events.
  • HTML5 Storage.
  • HTML5 Forms.
  • HTML5 Video and Audio .
  • HTML5 Canvas & Drawing API.
  • HTML5 Drag and Drop API.
As always, any source files are included. Sold separately, this course is $20. For more details, visit the dedicated sales page for the HTML5 Basics course.

CSS3 Basics Tutorials.

Enhance your site with the gifts of CSS3. Nine comprehensive hours. Taught by Lawrence Turton.

In this course, our instructor will guide you through many of the best new features of CSS3. He'll be using Dreamweaver , but you can work through the course using any text editor and test in the web browser of your choice. After a comprehensive look at a lot of what CSS3 offers, our instructor wraps up the final couple hours with an example site project which demonstrates how CSS3 can be used across multiple devices (desktops or mobile phones) and how to support older browsers as well as new, so you progressively enhance your site. Topics include:

  • Introduction to CSS3.
  • IE Conditional comments.
  • CSS3 New Color Formats.
  • @Font-face.
  • CSS3 border properties.
  • CSS3 Background properties.
  • CSS3 text effects.
  • CSS3 Multiple Columns.
  • CSS3 2D Transformations.
  • CSS3 3D Transformations.
  • CSS3 Animations.
  • CSS3 User Interface.
  • CSS3 Flexible Box Model.
  • CSS3 Selectors.
  • CSS3 Media Queries.
As always, source files are included. Sold separately, this course is $25. For more details, visit the dedicated sales page for the CSS3 Basics course.

jQuery Basics Tutorials.

Pop Quiz!... What the heck is jQuery? It's just Javascript. And in this four hour course, you'll learn how to work with this code library to do amazing things. Taught by Lawrence Turton.

To be a little more specific it is a fast, concise Javascript library that simplifies HTML events, animations, and interactions. In this course, our instructor will be showing off some of the coolest things you can do with jQuery, while also giving you a well rounded education in the basics of Javascript, like creating variables, functions, if statements, and so on. This is a great course for old and new programmers alike. Topics include:

  • Importing Jquery and why document order is important.
  • Writing your first statement.
  • Creating variables.
  • Make a simple fadeOut transition.
  • Making a click-able anchor.
  • Animation methods.
  • Editing CSS with Jquery.
  • Adding Classes using Jquery.
  • Learning all the Toggle methods.
  • Statement chaining and the .delay method.
  • Link events together.
  • Creating an element and using appendTo method.
  • Create animations using animate method.
  • Timing and callback on animate methods.
  • Using the load ajax method.
  • Using the .size and .length methods.
  • Look at advanced selectors.
  • Creating an alert box.
  • FancyBox, ScrollToPlugin, Inner-Fade Plugins.
As always, source files are included. Sold separately, this course is $15. For more details, visit the dedicated sales page for the jQuery Basics course.

Building HTML5 and Dreamweaver Websites.

Five hours. Build desktop and device-safe websites using all the latest technologies. Taught by Lawrence Turton.

Our instructor guides you step by step through creating a complete website using the latest web technologies. And for those of you dragging your feet on learning the most recent features of Dreamweaver CS5 , CS5.5, CS6, or CC Lawrence shows us how the program integrates with all this emerging coolness taking over the web. Here's some of the highlights of what you'll learn....

  • HTML5.
  • Javascript / JQuery.
  • CSS3.
  • Interactive video with Popcorn.js (a free library for integrating the web and video).
  • Trigger events or content on the page based on what point your video is playing.
  • Compressing and optimizing files.
  • Integrating other API's like Twitter, Flicker and Google Maps.
  • 3D Page transitions.
  • HTML5 Galleries that use the Canvas API to add effects to images dynamically (for example, make an image black and white without having to actually save a separate colored copy).
  • How to safely support all types of devices, be it table, smart phone or just older browsers that don't understand CSS3 or Javascript.
  • Progressively enhancing your site with all this new stuff.
As always, source files are included. Sold separately, this course is $25. For more details, visit the dedicated sales page for the HTML5 and Dreamweaver Websites tutorial.

Bonus Course
PHP Basics.

Three hours. An in-depth beginner course for anyone getting started with PHP.

This tutorial is taught by Eric Schmidt, another one of CartoonSmart's programming instructors. Topics include:

  • Using PHP in any kind of HTML document (HTML5 included).
  • Variable types.
  • If / else statements.
  • For statements.
  • Switch statements.
  • While loops.
  • Mathematical operators.
  • Include statements.
  • Functions.
  • Arrays.
  • Connecting to MySQL and writing values from a database to the HTML document.
As always, source files are included. Sold separately, this course is $10.

Bonus Course
Survey Kit Tutorial with Dreamweaver.

Four hours and four lessons on surveys, multiple choice forms, and drag-n-drop interactions.

This course is taught by another of CartoonSmart's instructors, Ryan Wale, a very upbeat and professional instructor specializing in Flash and Dreamweaver.

  • Course 1: Program a Multiple Choice Quiz Form using Dreamweaver. Correct or incorrect answers will be determined using PHP.
  • Course 2: Program a Select / Deselect All Multiple Choice Quiz, in this case more than one answer can be correct. Answers will be submitted to an outcome.php file where a total score will be determined.
  • Course 3: Program a Drag and Drop Quiz Interface using Flash. Users can drag answers into a specific area, and Actionscript will determine if the matching questions and answers are correct or not.
  • Course 4: Using Dreamweaver again, program an in-depth survey (with input fields or drop down boxes) which will save the answers to a text file on your server. An entire classroom of students could take the survey and the results would all be saved to one text file.
As always, source files are included. Sold separately, this course is $15.

Example Videos

Below you can watch a samples from this package. After your purchase, you can download every video to your computer to watch anytime offline.

The first 46 minutes of the CSS3 Basics tutorial.

Using the relatively new Accelerometer code in Actionscript 3 to create a simple tilt game where a ball falls into a hole.

32 Hours Total. Learn Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, and more!

Only $50. Sold separately these courses would be over $120.

Download these videos directly to your computer. Includes source files and free updates. You'll be notified by email whenever there's an update to either the course or collection of source projects. Redownload access is always granted for our products.

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